Rebates on Rain Barrels... Get Yours!

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Did you know...

You can get your very own rain barrels for only $55 after rebate from the Solana Center!

It's easy...Follow these three steps:
1. Order online from the link below by selecting your pickup location and then click BUY NOW.
2. Apply for your $35 rebate at 
3. Pickup your rain barrel at the location you chose- we like the Solana Center in Encinitas.

Order your rain Barrel Today!


Top Four Reasons to Harvest Rainwater:
1. Protect our rivers, streams, and beaches from runoff pollution
2. Re-use rainwater to grow healthy and lush plants
3. Supplement your water supply and lower your fresh water usage.
4. Rainwater is a FREE resource that's easy to harvest and use!


Feel good about protecting one of our most precious natural resources!